Bar Property Management

At Burns Archer Realty (BAR) we believe that purchasing a property for investment is one of the best investments you can make, however the challenge to the investor is then how to find a tenant, correctly address the paperwork, administer the day to day issues and then maintain compliance with the relevant regulations and statutory requirements.

On surface level what may appear to be straight forward is actually quite technical and also extremely time consuming.

-How do you actually select the tenants?

-What information are you able to obtain and have verified?

-How much is the bond and where is it held?

-When is the rent paid and how often is it re-assessed?

-What about me inspecting the property when may I gain access?

-Who maintains the gardens, the trees and keeps the guttering cleaned?

-What are the obligations under the Residential Tenancies Act?

-What paperwork must be issued and how?

From presentation in readiness for marketing, to the Tenant introduction and selection process, lease preparation, condition report production, Bond lodgement thru to rental collection, and property maintenance and inspections we take care of all aspects.

Our Property Management staff are well schooled in the legalities of property management. If in the unfortunate event that a tenant breaches their contractual obligations, we can prepare the necessary applications and associated documentation and lodge them with the Residential Tenancies Tribunal and also represent you at Hearings.

We understand the importance of managing your investment property in order to optimise ongoing appreciation of value whilst still endeavouring to maximise your current returns. We have well-structured processes and technologically driven and defined systems, which provide consistency and efficiently in our services.

By placing your property in the hands of Burns Archer Realty and our experienced Property Management team you will receive a total management service designed to protect your investment.

Our key objectives are:

-Diligent tenant selection

-Minimal vacancy periods

-Attention to compliances

-Continues growth (Value and Returns)

-Well maintained properties.

Constant communication