Rental Application

If you have inspected one of our available properties that meets your requirements please print off our Rental Application Form Once completed please email, fax or hand-deliver your application to our office. Identification is required and must accompany your application. Please note that it is a policy of our company that all intending applicants MUST have physically inspected the premises before any application may be processed.

Upon receipt of a correctly completed application with all necessary information, your application will be processed within two business days. It is the landlord who will make the final decision.

Upon approval of an application, you will be required to sign leases within 48 hours and provide the following payments either by bank cheque or money order;

- A Security deposit made payable to The Residential Tenancies Bond Authority (RTBA).

- And one calendar months rental.

Failure to do so may result in the next applicant being given preference or the property re-listed.

Please be assured that all information provided in your application will remain confidential and not discussed with any other party with the exceptions of the owner and as required for the purpose of processing your application.

For identification purposes, please supply a photocopy of your current drivers licence or passport.

How to calculate the monthly rental payable .Weekly rental/7 days of the week x 365 days of the year/12 months. Note: Monthly rental is calculated to the next dollar

All future rental payments are only accepted by direct debit through iPay rent either a cheque or savings. If you are successful please ensure you bring a bank statement to confirm correct bank account details to the sign up as you are required to complete a direct debit authorization form at this point.

It is your responsibility to arrange to have all services connected in your name to coincide with your date of occupation.

Tenants must acknowledge that the premises are a "Smoke Free Zone" and will ensure they and their invitees do not smoke inside the premises.

Ask for help if you are not sure. Rental property management is an important part of our business. We are conscious of developing a professional relationship with all of our tenants. We are here to help you. If you are unsure or concerned about any aspect of this application, your call is welcome.