Selling Tips

Every sellers endeavour will be to get the best price possible for their property. We believe that in order to do so, the seller should try and think like a buyer. Understanding that buyers are more likely to pay a premium price if they fall in love with a property means that not only common sense, but even a plan around all the senses should be adopted.

Generally speaking invest in elbow grease to improve aesthetics', a broom, a mop, a paint brush and the old trusty hammer can go a long way to better presenting your property prior to marketing commencing.

We recommend thinking about the following;

Visual appearance

  • First impressions do count, weed gardens and the mow lawns
  • Trim over grown trees and hedges
  • Hide the rubbish bins
  • Empty the letter box
  • Wash the windows inside and out
  • Depersonalise, remove posters and pictures covering entire walls
  • De-clutter! Less is definitely more
  • Make the property shine


  • Weather permitting keep windows open allowing fresh air to circulate
  • Love your pets but be mindful about litter trays and other remnants
  • Cake and coffee can be over the top - but unwanted odours should be removed


  • Temperature control - heater on in winter - cooling in the summer
  • Cleanliness - make the beds and wash the dishes
  • Kitchen and bathrooms are critical to be best presented
  • Neat well organised cupboards enhance storage capacity
  • If possible avoid being home for inspections - both you and the buyers will feel much less uncomfortable