Tenant Information

Searching for a rental property?

Burns Archer Realty (BAR) specialise in matching the right tenants to the right properties. Our website is updated daily with new listings, descriptions, photographs and scheduled inspection times. Please use the  Rental Search facility to identify a selection of properties that may fit your requirements.

Inspection of properties can be arranged at a time convenient to you outside of the scheduled  Rental Open Times. Please bare in mind that many of our properties are currently tenanted and therefore we need to give the current occupiers at least 24 hours notice of any inspection.

Found a BAR property?

If you have inspected one of our available properties that meets your requirements please print off our  Rental Application Form. Once completed please email, fax or hand-deliver your application to our office. Identification is required and must accompany your application. Please note that it is a policy of our company that all intending applicants MUST have physically inspected the premises before any application may be processed.

Upon receipt of a correctly completed application with all necessary information, your application will be processed within two business days. It is the landlord who will make the final decision.

Upon approval of an application, you will be required to sign leases within 48 hours and provide the following payments either by bank cheque or money order;

  • A Security deposit - made payable to The Residential Tenancies Bond Authority (RTBA).
  • And one calendar month's rental.

On the commencement of your tenancy we will provide you with information concerning your rights and responsibilities, after-hours emergency maintenance procedures, photos of the property and property condition report which you will need to return to us within 3 business days.

If you would like assistance (at no extra cost) with the connection of gas, electricity, telephone, internet and water to your new home, this can all be arranged at the time of signing the leases.

Already a BAR tenant?

Your property manager is committed to ensuring all aspects of your tenancy run smoothly. This includes providing you with an inspection schedule (regular inspections conducted on behalf of the landlord at regular intervals during your tenancy) and reviewing your requests, if any, for property maintenance. Please use our  Maintenance Request Form to request any property maintenance or contact your property manager directly.

Vacating a BAR property?

If you intend to vacate a property, please complete the Vacating Advice Form

For more information about the Victorian Residential Tenancy Act, please refer to Consumer Affairs Victoria;

Renting (http://www.consumer.vic.gov.au/housing-and-accommodation/renting)